Sex Chair Of King Edward Vii

Talking about haunted places is some kind of an engaging topic. Going back 900 years ago, the known haunted place in Britain today was just created the Tower of London. The Tower of London is indeed historic and it has sustained different catastrophic phenomenon for centuries already. When we say ghost, people often interpret it as a residual remain of a person who demised. Ghost sightings are often reported in the said tower. Some people claimed that they have ghost videos during their visit in the Tower of London. There are numerous paranormal investigations conducted already and ghostly sighting reports kept headlining the news.In 1078, William the Conqueror commissioned and built the first section of the tower, which is made of stone. The tower obtained additional structures as time goes by. Just like Alcatraz, the tower has witnessed different cruelties, brutalities and tortures from different generations. Prisoners were tortured and killed by the authorized and powerful officials during that time. The Tower of London is indeed a place of long lost dead.Since the Tower of London has hosted different cruelties, brutalities and tortures, a Crown Jewel keeper E.L. Swifte claimed in the 19th Century, first paranormal activity ever reported, to have witnessed a ghostly activity. He and his family were having a dinner in Martin Tower when his wife first recognized an object moving from stationary. After his wife saw the incident, his wife immediately told them. According to E.L. Swifte, the object looked like a cylindrical object that somehow resembled a lab tube with blue bubbling fluid in it. His wife strongly claimed that the object was trying to grab her. Though the object has no hands but it has a pulling power to manifest. The object looked like an apparition and as it went closer to them, Swifte threw a chair but the chair went straight through it. They were frightened as the apparition got closer but suddenly it disappeared like a bubble.It has also been reported that a ghostly image of Anne Boleyn has been haunting the tower especially the corridors of the White Tower. Anne Boleyn was recalled to as one of the two wives who were murdered by her husband Henry VIII as an order; the other wife was Catherine Howard. Anne's ghostly image was reportedly haunting the Chapel of Saint Peter and Vincula where she gazes her own grave under the altar. On the other hand, Catherine's voice can be heard on the room where she last stayed before she demised.It was also reported that the residual remains of Thomas A. Becket who struck down the Traitor's Gate with a crucifix. The ghostly images of a 12-year-old King Edward V and his 9-year-old brother Richard Duke of York were also reportedly sighted haunting the Bloody Tower wearing white gowns. These white gowns were the last dress they wore before they died. Foggy figures, soldiers and a 16-year-old lady Jane Grey were also reportedly haunting the battlements of the Tower of London. It has also been reported that the whole squads of soldiers can be sometimes seen marching the grounds.

sex chair of king edward vii